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Finally, really affordable dentures!

Are Your Dentures -

  • Painful?
  • Loose?
  • Ugly?
  • Too big?
  • Not chewing properly?

We can fix that - AFFORDABLY

Affordable should not mean cheap

Too often patients judge affordability on price alone, but really… you know better than that! Just yesterday we had a patient call the office to make an appointment for new dentures. Not so unusual, but the thing is she had just gotten dentures from one of the “discount” shops in town. I guess they were really busy that day, so ended up bringing them out to her car in a Ziploc bag with a “Here you go, thanks” and that was it! Now she’s coming to us to start all over again. So you tell me, how “affordable” was that?

Let's face it, you get what you pay for - or at least you should! So please don't confuse "AFFORDABLE" with "cheap". What would you rather have - a $300 denture for $300, or a $3,000 denture for $1,500?  Which do you think is the best price?  The most affordable?

The BEST PRICE on TOP QUALITY - that's what we offer. No "slam, bam, thank you for your money" short cuts here like you find at those "discount" clinics; just the best price anywhere on thoughtful and careful state- of-the-art wholistic denture care - GUARANTEED!

Why do discriminating people choose WHOLISTIC DENTURES?

Aside from  being made with the most durable biocompatible materials, wholistic dentures have had the teeth custom milled so the slopes match the slope of your jaw joints.  This results in dentures that feel better, chew better, look better, and have minimal systemic interactions.

All of our Premium Dentures come with a comprehensive 6 year no-fault anywhere-in-the-nation repair or replace warrantee!

Tell me about your warrantee.

What others are saying

I have had dentures for many years. I had surgery on my lower left jaw for a splinter which was removed. After that had a new set made in Sandpoint, from the beginning could not chew. After several trips back and forth I gave up. Then saw your ad in the paper, called and made an appointment and was told my teeth did not match my jaw. I chose to have another set made and for less than what I paid previously. You worked with me and they fit like a glove. I can bite and chew everything with comfort. I have gotten many compliments on how natural and beautiful they are. I could not be “Happier”. Thank you so very much.
Natalie Barnett

As you well know I came to you with a mouthful of very bad teeth. I was terrified of going to the dentist’s office; therefore, I neglected my oral health far too long. You will probably not understand the courage I had to muster up just to walk in and sit in your examination chair. When I first met you I immediately felt comfortable and safe. After the examination and x-rays of my mouth you reassured me that you would take good care of me as we went through the extractions. I am thrilled to report that you did just as promised. I of course was scared of all the procedures but you took very good care of me and seen that I was comfortable and not in discomfort. Dr. Peckham, I want to thank you for all the care you gave me and I know I must have been a frustration at times. I would and will recommend you to anyone. You gave be back my smile after over 20+ years.
Rosalie Ferry

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Peckham as an excellent dentist. My relationship with the Dr’s dental chair spanned several months from initial check up through consultation, extraction, temporary dentures, implants, final dentures and final fit. I found the services professional, excellently done and not once did I feel I was being manipulated into a product or service I didn’t want. In my opinion, Dr. Peckham displays the balance of skill and artistry that an individual considering dentures wants to benefit from.
Jim Walker

The dentures Dr. Peckham made for me are wonderful. I can eat fresh fruits and vegetables with them that I could not eat with my very expensive prior dentures. My speech has improved with Dr. Peckham’s dentures and they don’t fall out when I talk and I don’t need to use adhesives to hold them in. Thank you.
Linda Entwisle

After being in constant pain for over a year caused by poorly fitted dentures, I saw an ad for the dental implants offered by Dr. Peckham. Thanks to Dr. Peckham and his staff I now have dentures that fit perfectly and look great! 
Tricia Lotton

I have upper and lower dentures. I tried using powders and pastes, all sorts of products. None of them worked very well. I asked Dr. Peckham for implants. WOW! How perfect is this!! No more paste or glue to taint my food. No “clacking” of the teeth as you chew or talk. It’s pretty close to the real thing! I highly recommend anyone with dentures to get the implants.
Katherine Patrick


Proudly providing state-of-the-art denture care to all of north Idaho and eastern Washington  - Priest River, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, Spokane, Deer Park, Newport - and beyond.

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