Custom-Made Dentures

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With all the different choices and prices out there, it can be quite a challenge deciding which option is going to be best for you. However, for those who are equally interested in quality and value, we have simplified the options down to two basic choices – what we call Custom and Master denture styles.

One of the potential problems with denture fabrication is that there is as much art in making a denture as there is science. And just as with a museum piece, tastes and opinions are going to vary. In other works, there is a chance you might not like the same look as we do. So part of the process in making our CUSTOM DENTURE involves placing the denture in your mouth while it is still in the wax stage and letting you decide what looks good. At this point we can make the teeth straighter, more crooked, longer, shorter, whiter, darker, bigger, or smaller. Once we get your “OK”, and not until, we go ahead and finish them just like that.

The really unique feature of our Custom Denture though is how we design your bite. Most dentures are made with a standard bite, meaning that when new, the teeth fit together like gears; the tips of the top fitting into the grooves of the bottom and visa versa. As long as you bite straight up and down this works fine. If, on the other hand, your jaw gets off center when you bite, the tips will bang against each other knocking the denture loose. When this happens the temptation will be to think that the denture doesn’t fit properly, which may not be the case at all. Chewing straight up and down is not natural for most of us and is part of the adaptation process required with most new dentures, whether it’s your first or your tenth, and lasts until you finally wear them down which can take years!

In contrast, with our Custom Dentures, we are able to avoid most of this bite adaptation by taking the time to custom engineer the slopes of each tooth to match the unique slopes of your own jaw joints. What this means in practical terms is that you can now move your jaw much farther from side to side before knocking the dentures loose. Because of this from the very beginning they feel more natural, chew better, last longer, and are less stressful to your jaw joints than conventional dentures would be.

But as good as all this is, we can actually step it up even further with our MASTER DENTURES. With these, the first big difference is that we start with making you a test denture that you can actually take home for a trial run; test them out, see how they feel when you eat, get more feed-back on how they look, then come back and tell us what if anything you want to change. At that point we’ll fix whatever you want, and then let you take them out for another test run. And we’ll keep doing this as many times as necessary until you are completely satisfied. Of course we also custom engineer the bite like we talked about with a Custom Denture.

When finished, this test denture then becomes the model that we use to fabricate your final Master Denture. It also functions as a backup denture that you can wear whenever your Master Denture is in for a “tune-up”. This is what gives us the confidence to be able to offer our unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee!

The other thing that makes our Master Dentures stand out is the 10 Year Warranty that we offer with them. This is possible not only because of all the extra design work we put into it with the test denture process, but also because of the top-of-the-line materials we put into them – including a chrome-cobalt metal framework that practically eliminates any possibility of fracturing, as well as porcelain teeth that wear way longer than even the best acrylic teeth.
And don’t forget about our Best Price Guarantee; we promise to beat or match any local price on similar quality dentures. Period. No exceptions.


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