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Denture Services

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So how much should good dentures cost?

The quick answer? I don’t know! I can tell you this though, anyone who does quote you a fee without first getting to know you – your dental history, your goals, your current condition – either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about providing you with personalized custom denture care.

At the risk of getting too high on my soap box, let me just say that one of the huge problems we dentists have created for ourselves and our patients is the “commoditization” of our profession – allowing insurance companies to promote the idea that all dentures, crowns, extractions, root canals, or whatever, are the same and should therefore cost the same.

If you go down to your local store and purchase an XYZ microwave, it is reasonable to expect it to be exactly the same as an XYZ microwave from any other store, and therefore you should not suffer any loss by purchasing from the store with the lowest price. Not true with dental care! The number one cause of dissatisfaction with denture care is the attempt by dentists to treat all patients the same. It started because insurance companies, who don’t know a thing about making dentures, want to pay the same low fee for everyone. And now for many dentists it has become “standard operating procedure” too.

So when I say that a good denture can cost anywhere from $500 to $15,000, I’m not trying to be funny or evasive. A good denture really can vary that much depending on a whole host of variables. And the only way to honestly be more specific is for me to sit down with and get to know you – examine your mouth, hear what you’ve tried in the past, know what problems you may or may not be experiencing, and learn what your treatment goals are. Then and only then can I, or any other dentist that really cares, give you an accurate idea of what your investment might be.

That’s the main reason we periodically offer a significant new patient credit – so people can come in and we can get to know each other with minimal to no financial risk. So if you are considering dentures and are looking for affordable but not “cheap”, give me a call. I’d love to get to know you.


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