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Now anyone can end the embarrassment, pain, and inconvenience of bad dentures.

Some of what you can expect from denture care by Dr. Peckham

♦  Best price anywhere on thoughtful and careful state-of-the-art denture care

 Premium dentures backed up by an unprecedented comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee

  Up to a 10 year warranty available

 Exclusive one-patient-at-a-time appointment scheduling

  Comprehensive treatment - no need to go anywhere else for extractions, implants, or any other needed dental care

  Personalized plans for your own unique goals and budget

  • End your embarrassment and smile with confidence
  • Eat your favorite foods again
  • Finally get rid of your loose partial or denture
  • All at unbelievably fair and affordable fees

What makes a denture “affordable”?  Too often patients judge affordability on price alone, but really… you know better than that!  Just yesterday we had a patient call the office to make an appointment for new dentures.  Not so unusual, but the thing is she had just gotten dentures from one of the “discount” shops in town.  I guess they were really busy that day, so ended up bringing them out to her car in a Ziploc bag with a “Here you go, thanks” and that was it!  Now she’s coming to us to start all over again.  So you tell me, how “affordable” was that?

Let's face it, you get what you pay for - or at least you should! So please don't confuse "AFFORDABLE" with "cheap".  Nationally recognized for his contributions to the art and science of dentistry, Dr. Peckham has dedicated his practice to making the very best dental care available to anyone who really wants it.  And because of this offers an unprecedented BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.  No "slam, bam, thank you for your money" short cuts here though; just the best price anywhere on thoughtful and careful state- of-the-art denture care - guaranteed!

READ THIS before you call.  One of the ways we control our overhead, allowing us to offer our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, is to keep our staffing costs to a minimum.  So if no one is available to answer your call, BE SURE AND LEAVE A MESSAGE.  I promise it will be well worth the small inconvenience!


About Dr. Peckham

Master Dentist and Innovator

Among the first things you will notice when you meet Dr. Peckham are his boots and jeans, which are your first clue as to his relaxed and laid back attitude. Never in a hurry, or too busy to give you his undivided attention; he’ll make you feel, despite being surrounded by the latest in modern dental equipment, as if you have stepped back in time, returning to a place where you the patient are more important than the money. His special interest is in solving complex dental issues resulting in teeth that look beautiful, feel great, last a life time, and support your overall health as well. He was one of the first dentists to pioneer the use of operating microscopes for dental treatment, and continues to advance the art and science of dentistry as a researcher (he is the founder and president of the Masters Dental Research Foundation) and dental consultant.  READ MORE

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The Smile Miracles Project

Through his Smile Miracles Project, Dr. Peckham provides affordable sliding-fee “smile-makeovers” to wounded veterans, battered women, and other deserving individuals. Our aim is to provide one sliding-fee makeover for every fair-fee makeover we do. Want to support this project?  Become a fair-fee patient!

Need more information before calling?

No problem.  Just use the form to the right to request a copy of Dr. Peckham’s groundbreaking report - A Patient’s Guide to a Lifetime of Dental Health. In it he explains -

  1. What comprehensive whole-health dental care is,
  2. Why it matters,
  3. Why “usual-and-customary” dental care often fails to meet your expectations,
  4. Why whole-health dental care just might save your life,
  5. And how anybody can get it.

If you are looking for the best value in denture and dental health care, the highest quality for the fairest fee, the most bang for your buck, this report tells you how to get it!

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