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Now anyone can end the embarrassment, pain, and inconvenience of bad dentures.

Some of what you can expect from denture care by our dentists -

♦  Best price anywhere on thoughtful and careful state-of-the-art denture care

 Premium dentures backed up by an unprecedented comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee

  Up to a 10 year warranty available

 Exclusive one-patient-at-a-time appointment scheduling

  Comprehensive treatment - no need to go anywhere else for extractions, implants, or any other needed dental care

  Personalized plans for your own unique goals and budget

  • End your embarrassment and smile with confidence
  • Eat your favorite foods again
  • Finally get rid of your loose partial or denture
  • All at unbelievably fair and affordable fees

What makes a denture “affordable”?  Too often patients judge affordability on price alone, but really… you know better than that!  Just yesterday we had a patient call the office to make an appointment for new dentures.  Not so unusual, but the thing is she had just gotten dentures from one of the “discount” shops in town.  I guess they were really busy that day, so ended up bringing them out to her car in a Ziploc bag with a “Here you go, thanks” and that was it!  Now she’s coming to us to start all over again.  So you tell me, how “affordable” was that?

Let's face it, you get what you pay for - or at least you should! So please don't confuse "AFFORDABLE" with "cheap".  What would you rather have - a $300 denture for $300, or a $2,000 denture for $1,000?  Which do you think is the best price?

The BEST PRICE on TOP QUALITY - that's what our dentists offer.  No "slam, bam, thank you for your money" short cuts here like you find at those "discount" clinics; just the best price anywhere on thoughtful and careful state- of-the-art denture care - GUARANTEED!

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